Rediscovering Jesus / Wrap-up

Rediscovering Jesus

I remember a couple years ago, my family went on a vacation to the Outer Banks in North Carolina.  One night my parents left me and my other siblings with my Grandparents so they could go on a date.   I was just a little kid, so I obviously didn’t understand why they had to leave right when we rented one of my favorite movies.  My dad told me two things.  The first was why they have to go on dates.  It helps them recall what they love so much about each other, and to forget each other’s imperfections.  The second (and more appealing to me at the time) was that we had some left over pizza in the fridge.

We all need to “go on a date”with Jesus every once and a while.  For me personally, I usually just go through the motions during Mass, not really appreciating what is happening.  That’s true for a lot of people today.  If it wasn’t, I don’t think America would be nearly as messed up as it is right now.

When I learn something in Algebra, I can stuff it in my head and ace the quiz.  I might even learn it well enough to ace a test weeks later without having to study.  But eventually, I’ll get the places of x and y mixed up, or if it was more than or less than.  The point is, the longer you know about something without continually studying it, the less you’ll know about it.  When you first come across a subject, you have a choice.  You could cram it not your head to make your teacher happy, or you could actually learn the material and actually understand it.  I don’t want to know how many Christians memorize the ten commandments for Sunday School and promptly forget them on Monday when they go to school.

When my parents go on a date, they like to go to one of two places.  One is a super-fancy Italian restraint (my Mom’s favorite), and the other is a Buffalo Burger joint (my Dad’s favorite).  When you rediscover Jesus, it is sort of like that.  You could go to a retreat like the ones Opus Dei puts on, or you could rediscover Jesus in your own busy life.  You can do it anywhere, as long as you are with Jesus.

Our secularized society has distorted Jesus into just a “nice guy” or merely a “good teacher”.  We forget how powerful and groundbreaking his teachings were.  We forget how much He loves us.  We need to remember Jesus.  We need to rediscover Jesus.


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