About Catholic Teen

Catholic Teen attempts to post only material and ideas that are in conformity with the teachings of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, Sacred Scripture, the Apostolic See, and Catholic Tradition. Anything that is contrary to aforementioned is accidental and unintentional. I submit my loyalty and fidelity to the Church, and I submit my actions and mistakes to the right judgement of Almighty God.


2 thoughts on “About Catholic Teen

  1. Saw you have been reading some of my post, and I wanted to stop by and say “Hi!” Hope all is well with you, and know we miss you. How are things going? God Bless, SR

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    • Oh, thank you. I hope you know that means a lot to me. Umm, things are hard. Not anything serious, just normal life. I’m kinda on the fence about writing my blog anymore. I did kind of get a kick in the butt towards the “writing” direction when a religious ed class asked for permission to use my post on the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit and distribute it to the parish. I was also kinda considering making a twitter account so I could do it more often, even thought it would just be short little things. I’m glad you checked in. It means a lot. God Bless!


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