Every Moment Counts

To start thing off, I would like to apologize to each and every one of you for my failure to post in over two months.  I’ve just been so busy.  But never fear, I will have much more time when Band season ends (nigh three weeks now).  This may not be my best piece to come back in style with, but at least its something to let you guys now that I’m still here so to speak.  Anyway, here we go.

We live in a world that is full of selfishness.  I’m sure all of you are aware of this already.  Especially in my age group, there is such a prevalent force of narcissism in each and every bit of culture.  All people care about is there social media, the only person they want to take a picture with is their own face, and the sole thing that matters to them is being accepted.  Okay, maybe I shouldn’t say they, we would be more appropriate.  Because I struggle with selfishness too. I care way too much about how I look to others and spend far too much time with people who aren’t getting me any closer to heaven just because I feel cool doing it.  This is all a waste of time.  And we don’t have enough of it to throw around.

Every single moment you spend think of yourself, committing sin, or failing to do something good is a moment you will never get back.  Worse than that, it could have been that moment where God selected you to be his messenger to a person who has perhaps fallen away from the faith.  It could have been one of those times where you act as an instrument of God’s grace to someone else.  And instead of bringing another into Christ’s loving arms, you spent it telling inappropriate jokes with kids you barely know, or not paying attention during a boring business meeting.

We do not have any time to waste in our lives.  That doesn’t mean you can relax.  Sweet Moses no.  You definitely should spend some time doing useless things, like reading a novel, playing in the park, watching a movie, or simply taking a well deserved nap.  These are some of the most important things you do.  That’s why God set aside an entire day for you just to take it easy.


On a more serious note, taking a well deserved nap here and there does not entitle you to laziness.  Just yesterday I was going to confession.  I’m proud to say that I didn’t have anything serious to confess, so I picked apart every single little venial sin that I had done throughout my week.  Father first congratulated me on making such a good confession.  Then he said, “Son, I think you’re starting to struggle with sloth”.

Yes, Sloth.  One of the seven deadly sins.  Most people wouldn’t think it would rank as bad as lust or wrath, but it is in some ways even worse.

Sloth is very hard for the victim to detect.  If they do, they don’t think much about it.  Because, like most sin, it starts out small, and gradually builds into mortal sin.  The thing about sloth is that usually you don’t even categorize it as a sin, just a small mess-up.  It could start with not doing your homework for one night for whatever perfectly reasonable excuse.  But the net day, you’re like, “You know, I didn’t do it yesterday…and nothing bad happened then.  I guess its okay if I just don’t do this one worksheet.”  Then you gradually never do your homework, your grades go down, and before you know it, you failed your high school and end up working at a McDonald’s in the rough parts of town, if you’re lucky.  Okay, that may be a little extreme, but not by much.

The Devil knows the truth about what I was telling you: we really do not have any time to waste.  So, guess what he’s gonna try to get you to do, or should I say not to do?

You’re gonna try to convince yourself that not giving your all on this seemingly insignificant business project is fine, or not paying attention in class is okay.  You have to be extremely ware of the enemy’s movements.  As soon as a lazy thought enters your head, go out and start dong something productive.  If you do let Satan sow a seed of sloth in you soul, it will grow, ever so slowly, until you have no control over it.  It is like those weeds you have to root out in a garden.  You don’t really notice them until they have grown large and have become very difficult to take out.  You have to go looking for them in order to prevent them from ever gaining a significant hold on your will.

Is anyone here a Latin mass fan?  If you are, you probably know about those cool red mini-missals they usually have.  There is a prayer towards the beginning that struck me.  It was called A Christian Reflection or something like that.  Anyway, i don’t have it, but I have made my own (slightly different version).  I think it’s an important thing to think about when you rise in the morning. I call it “Today”.

Today, Christian soldier, is a fight.  Today, you have souls to save.  Today, you have sin to destroy.  Today, you have others to love, and God to serve.  You have friends to aid, and enemies to reconcile.  You have demons to defeat, angels to help, and a battle to win.  Today, Christian soul, You have work to do.

Wow, that was deep.  I’m actually kinda proud of that.  Getting back on track.  I know that as far as kids are concerned, we think we have all the time in the world.  We don’t think that exams are really that close, or that college applications were due tat early.  Youth don’t really think they’re ever gonna grow up.  We have this sense of immortality about us.  We seem to think that we’ll never run out of time.  But, the sad truth is, no, we don’t have all the time in the world, yes the exam is really tomorrow, and sorry, you missed the college application deadline.  You only have one life, and its pretty short (which is why its so precious and worth protecting).  Or as my contemporaries say: YOLO.  Don’t waste it playing video games or flirting.  Make use of your time.  Get out there and kick some evil butt!  Whatever you do, just don’t be a sloth.


You’re gonna get yourself run over by the Devil on a motorcycle.  I don’t think you’ll be as lucky as Sid and have a big mammoth and a saber tooth tiger to watch out for you.



Well guys, It’s great to be back.  Go out there and kick some butt!  God Bless!

In Christ, Catholic2theMax

2 thoughts on “Every Moment Counts

  1. I think I will let you do all the “butt kicking!” You do such a good job of it!!! 🙂 This was great and as usual your wisdom was perfection. No matter I have always thought a sloth was one of the cutest animals. Dumb but cute! God Bless, SR


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