Why All the Rules?

So, my birthday is coming up in a couple days, and I was looking around amazon to see what I wanted to ask for.  Eventually I found myself on apple seeing what stuff they had.  On their front page, they had a brand new iPod Touch.  A bit of backstory first.  I don’t have a phone or a tablet.  For starters I can’t afford either of them, but according to family law, I’m not allowed to have them either.  I was looking at the price tag of the iPod, and it was $200.  I thought, “Man, I could get that.  I have one hundred bucks in the safe, and I could mow my lawn for a couple weeks and get the rest”.  The more rational part of me quietly dismissed this thought.  It’s not gonna happen.  I wouldn’t be allowed to get it.  I would explain my parents rules about technology, but even I don’t understand.  It is precisely for that reason that I (in some cases) resent my parents’ rules.  I’ll be at school going through my normal day when I look over at someone with their Beats headphones plugged into their iPad Air 2 while checking their iPhone 6.  Number one, it gets me really annoyed/envious that they (their parents) have enough money to throw around that kind of stuff.  And number two, it makes me really wish I could have one of those things.  But then again, it is kind of funny to hear the class gasp when I try to explain to a teacher that I can’t put my phone away in the technology bin because I don’t have one.

I remember doing the Great Adventure Bible Study (which I highly recommend) with my family one night when I was much younger, and the host Jeff Cavins was talking about one of his high school daughters.  He said that she came home one night really depressed and angry.  He of course asked her what was wrong.  She said, “I want a phone.  Every single person has one except me!”  He replied, “THANK GOD there is at least one!  And you’re it!  You should be happy.”  I think that’s what inspired some of my parent’s rules.

The point of all of this is that a lot of the time, I hate rules.  I want to buy what I want.  I want to have more freedom.  But it eventually boils down to I want to do whatever I want.  Sounds like most people today, doesn’t it?  America is obsessed with this notion of liberty.  Look at abortion, Gay “marriage”, a hundred different other things that I don’t even need to mention.  People don’t like rules, they think they just hold people back from being happy.

Imagine a baseball game where the pitcher feels like playing dodgeball, or the batter feels like playing hit-the-pinata.  Imagine a baseball game where the players do whatever the heck they want.  No rules, total liberty and freedom.  Not a very fun game to watch, is it?  Each team is going to give themselves a million points for showing up to the game.  Without rules the game falls apart.  That’s what our lives are like.

A good batter doesn’t hate the rules but obey them anyway.  “Fine coach.  I’ll use a bat instead of a cow.  Gosh, your such a communist, coach.”  No, a good baseball player loves the rules.  He understands why they are important and has witnessed the beauty of them.  He obeys them because he wants to.  A golfer loves the rules of golf, and gets upset when someone twists or disobeys them, and obviously attempts to help that person understand the game.  Rules aren’t only good, they are necessary.

Don’t get that confused with “Rules are good, so too many rules are better”.  No, an excessive amount of rules is like a suit of armor that is far too big and heavy for the wearer.  It detracts from the knight’s ability to fight.  It endangers the very thing it is supposed to protect.  That’s why my brother and I never play baseball with just the two of us.  We either have no rules and end up fighting, or have too many rules…and still end up fighting.

So, if we apply the importance of rules in things like baseball or golf, why don’t we apply them to far more imperative things like our lives?  The world tries to tell you that rules aren’t important.  That they restrain you from being happy.  Applied to a different field, they would be telling you that 2+2=5.  So, why believe them?  I hate to break it to you guys, but 2+2=4, no amount of scientists or lawyers can change that.  Marriage is between one man and one woman, and no amount of scientists or lawyers can change that.  Life begins at conception, and no amount of scientists or lawyers can change that either.  Why?  Because they didn’t make the rules.  2015-05-29-universe11


From adam4d.com
From adam4d.com

~ NEWS ~

  • Formerly Tolkien Tavern, Talking Tolkien is launching today!  If you are a die-hard Tolkien fan, you’re gonna love it.  If you read this blog, but have a lukewarm relationship with Middle Earth, you’ll love it too.  If you are like “Who is this Tool-keen guy?”, for the love of all that is good in this world, you need to check it out.  I’ll be writing there, along with a friend of mine who knows more about Middle Earth than I do, and that’s saying quite a bit.  It will be awesome.  Make sure to check it out and follow.
  • It has been brought to my attention that my username “catholic2themax” is not a very convenient name for you to address me by.  No, I’m not gonna blow my cover and tell you I’m actually Batman.  Wait, did I write that?  Darn.  But seriously, I’m not gonna give my real name away, sorry.  For explanations, read this post again, especially the beginning.  It will make sense.  But I do have some heart.  So if you are one of those poor souls who cried out to me for a convenient name to call me by, give me some ideas.  I’m really busy and don’t have the time to sit down for an hour and think of a better username.
  •  God Loves You!

In Christ, Catholic2theMax

7 thoughts on “Why All the Rules?

  1. Loved your post, and YES I am going to read about Tolkien. (I am actually getting where I can spell it now without having to look!) 🙂

    Now about your post. Think to yourself, “What is the worst that can happen to me if I do not have a phone, iPod, etc…? The only answer I can think of is “NOTHING!”

    My parent’s were much like yours, even though I was raised in a different time. I was a cheerleader and in every club you can think of. I begin to think I wanted to be in the band and I wanted to play the saxophone, which my parents could not afford. Oh, I was mad and upset, but here I am now some 40+ years later, and I LIVED! In fact after about a week of being told “NO” I was still alive! My parents did not really care a whole lot about how “mad” it made me. They really never did with any of us kids.

    Let me tell you what they did teach me. Love, respect, how to survive if I cannot afford to go to the grocery store for food, clothes, etc.. How to manage money, how to do without, consequences, I would have to work for what I wanted in life, no matter how bad I thought I had it, there was always someone else who had it worse, and to never judge anyone on how they lived or what they did or did not have, until I walked a mile in their shoes. I am not kidding you these were the basic rules in our home! We were never allowed to “back talk” an adult if we wanted to live until the next day! Yet, we were always encouraged to stand up for our beliefs, say what we thought, but we had to be extremely careful of the “tone” we used. We could tell our parents anything, but it did not mean the “outcome” would be what we wanted it to be. We were NEVER allowed to feel sorry for ourselves. We were in everything at school, sports, clubs, etc… Our home was always open to all of our friends at anytime. We loved to dance and would move Mom’s furniture out of the way and about 15-20 kids would dance all over her wax floors. I asked her one time, “Why did you let us do that?” Her reply, “Because I knew where mine were.”

    My Mom is gone now, but how I hear her telling me that to this day. So hang in there. They may “All” have phones, IPods” etc… But you know what you have? My respect! That Mr. Man, very few people have from me in life. In fact I can think of about 5. That is what is going to help you make it in life! Love to you all and God Bless, SR

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    • Thanks for the encouragement! Yes, I figured out how to survive without a mobile device, something most teens can’t do. Literally. I took my friend’s phone as a little social experiment and he went MAD! Of course I gave it back, and he never lets me play angry birds on it anymore. Anyway, thanks a lot, as usual. I am honored to be one of the few with your respect, I’ll make sure to put it on my high school transcript when I apply for college. No joke, that means a lot to me, as you probably already know. Make sure to follow Talking Tolkien. I’ll think you”l like it. You would also probably like my friend that blogs with me over there. She has taken to calling herself Pippin (a character from the Lord of the Rings). You would probably enjoy talking to her. She loves to talk as much as you do. Thanks and God Bless!

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  2. I know this is late but….



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