Important Update!

Hey guys!  This is just a quick, but IMPORTANT update.

For those of you who missed the memo in my last post (everyone pretty much), I have gotten my first social media account!  Whoa!  Its called Awestruck, and that’s what you’ll be when you sign up for it.  It is essentially a Catholic Facebook, minus all the bad stuff, and plus a bunch of super cool stuff!  You can post prayer requests were approx. 500+ people will begin praying for that intention.  You can participate in Apologetics and book clubs, and (my personal favorite) the Tolkien group, but not to exclude the hilarious Funny Stuff group.  You can add your blog to their recommended list if you get in, and do so much more!  It is really quite amazing.  I you do decide to check it out (and you should), make sure to check out and follow me at my page.

In my last post, As for Me and My House, I discussed a new feature coming to Catholic Teen: Tolkien Tavern.  For an idea of what it will be like, I added a “sample” at the end of it.  Some of you will be sad to hear that I am canceling this feature.  But, a friend of mine has show interest in writing it with me, so I have decided to create a new blog, dedicated to Tolkien and his works.  It is under construction, but will hopefully be ready by next week.  I’ll reblog the first couple posts on Catholic Teen so you guys get a taste of it.  If you like Tolkien, make sure to watch out for it.  If you don’t even know who Tolkien is (cough SR cough), make sure you check it out so you will not live the rest of your life missing out on the pinnacle of human imagination, wisdom, and Catholicism, rolled into one.

God Bless!

In Christ, Catholic2theMax


2 thoughts on “Important Update!

  1. (Cough, cough, back at you, Mr. Man!) 🙂 Look forward to it, hmmm… (cough, cough!) Checked out the site, just have not had the time to work my way around it yet. God Bless, SR

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