Since When Has the Faith Become Convenient?

Look around you.  I would bet that almost everything has been engineered for your convenience.  Looking around the room I’m in, there is a ladder going up to a bunk bed to make it easier to get up there.  I’m sitting in a chair designed to make me comfortable.  There is a closet so I can find my clothes quicker.  I’m typing on a laptop that can bring me news from around the world in a split second.  This laptop can allow me to communicate with my Grandparents 891 miles away without leaving my home.

Wherever humans go, they change their environment to make life easier.  We cut down trees and build dams.  We build towns and cities and nations.  We invent new things to make life even more comfortable.  We built cars, manufactured airplanes, created computers and cell phones.  We domesticate almost everything to suit our needs.  And now, we have started to domesticate Christianity.  Nowadays, Jesus is just a “nice guy” and “a good teacher”.  People believe whatever they want, usually whatever they want to be correct.  Ever heard of Cafeteria Catholicism?  I want this Jesus-loaf, and maybe a bit of that Church-cream.  Ooh, that Heaven-cobbler looks great!  Ew, that morality stuff makes me feel sick.  Yah, I don’t want a Pope-roll.  Finish it off with a Whatever-the-heck-I-want-Cola.

Gone are the days when people were picky about their beliefs and would eat anything their parents gave them.  No, nowadays people believe whatever their friends or the media tells them, and will only eat like four things without throwing a fit.  My generation has gotten so used to having everything made easy for them.  For instance, at band camp, some people fake injuries when they don’t feel like running anymore.  People only do their homework when they feel like it.  The list goes on and on.

Conveniences like plumbing and electric lighting are definitely useful.  To be honest, I wouldn’t last a week without air conditioning during the summer.  But when you try to make everything easy, that’s where you go wrong.  Some things aren’t meant to be easy!  You don’t get a Gold Medal at the Olympics for showing up in the uniform.  You don’t get a college scholarship for just going to high school.  And you don’t get to heaven just going to church when you feel like it.  Sometimes we forget that we are the Church Militant, not the Church Comfy.

Mass isn’t supposed to be fun, it is supposed to be a prayer.

16692_137476246402126_1068780111_nNone of the Saints got to Heaven by doing whatever they felt like doing?  Look at any Saint in the History of Christianity.  Name one of them who didn’t suffer in some way.  Cricket…Cricket.  And the Saints are role-models for us.  So if you are being persecuted by our culture for your Catholic faith, take heart!  Your doing something right.  If you are not, you need to either thank God for living in a perfect world, or reëxamine what you believe.

Birth Control was made for the convenience of parents who didn’t want kids.  Divorce exists for the convenience of spouses who no longer wanted to be around each other.  Abortion usually takes place in the failure of birth control, again, for the convenience of parents who don’t want their kids.  People are changing the liturgy to make it more convenient for them or prospective converts.  People, even bishops, are trying to change church doctrine for various reasons (Story).

I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t want a comfortable church that lets me do what I want.  That’s kind of like a parent who won’t tell their child not to go out on a busy street.  It’s the Church’s job to protect and guard its flock.  Jesus told Peter to “feed my sheep”, not to let them do what they want so you can be popular.  The thing is, when my parents protect their kids from various thing, kids tend not to like it.  I once tried to buy a violent video game, and I was extremely angry when I was told I couldn’t get it.  No matter how long I wouldn’t talk or through a fit or shouted or whatever else I could cook up, my parents wouldn’t budge.  That needs to be what the church does.  No matter how much people want to go out on a busy street to play with their friends on the road, the parents cannot let them do it.

Our morality cannot be defined by us, or by circumstance.  Morality comes from God, and God alone.  We cannot make it for ourselves.  Since God made morality, it can’t be circumstantial.  Killing someone is wrong, regardless if you are doing it because you want, or because someone tells you to do it (cough planned parenthood cough).

Whether you like it or not, we are on a battleship, not a cruise liner.  That doesn’t mean we have to be morbid and pessimistic though.  We can still be happy, in fact, we are called to be joyful in this life.  But that doesn’t mean we aren’t in a fight.  Most of you have heard of the Planned Parenthood video about selling aborted body parts.  It’s nothing new.  That’s what PP does.  The #WomenBetrayed Pro-Life Rally was one of the biggest in history.  It is calling for an end to the Government’s funding of Planned Parenthood.  However, Obama still vows to veto anything that would accomplish that goal.

We have to take a stand.  Nothing is convenient about that.  I am lighting the beacons of Gondor.  If you are reading this and have a blog, write a post calling the Faithful to make a stand, and tag it TheBeaconsAreLit.  Will you answer the call?  I’m counting on you guys.

In Christ, Catholic2theMax


3 thoughts on “Since When Has the Faith Become Convenient?

  1. I had to come back and re-read this. Am busy right now, but when things slow down today, will be back with comment. This post really hit home with me, and it is one I have thought about since I read it. God Bless, SR

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  2. Many things hit me in this post. When I get through with what I am writing about I will do as you wish. Right now having to look up a lot of Scripture. Anyways, PP sells “body parts.” Now if the baby is not a “human being” then how does he/she have any body parts at all to sell? Only a “formed” anything will have a “body part.” Be it human, animal, fish, etc… That was my first thought on that part of the post. That alone would be the argument I would present.

    As far as “convenience” I call it, “Thinking one is entitled to.” This Father’s Day I made everyone put up their smart phones. We had a wonderful family time. No one was the worst for it or had any withdrawal. We think we cannot “live” without things such as electricity, air conditioning, etc… but we can. I was 17 years old, before I had air conditioning. About five years ago a hurricane hit Louisiana and we lost all power here in Texas for five days. We did have water, thank God! I put my bathing suit on and bathed outside underneath a water hose, as I could not pump the water into my septic system, because it could not pump it out. I ate out of cans and cooked spam on an outside grill. When it was hot, I sit out underneath my pecan tree. Myself and neighbors came together as a whole and did wonderful things for one another. Remember we did not have refrigeration, hot water or anything. So we made it, and you will also, if you ever have to. One lesson my parents always taught me was how to survive.

    Now for our beliefs and Church. We can never make “sin” convenient for anyone, no matter the reason. Not to make the Church grow in numbers, make the youth happy, make the adults happy, make the Priest, Bishops, Cardinals, and the Pope happy. We must fight “sin” being made convenient. All which you have written here, is exactly what is happening. “Sin” is one of the greatest “conveniences” in the world today.

    Get rid of a baby, set up an appointment. Get rid of a marriage, set up an appointment. Take the Bible out of schools, pass a law. The list can go on and on.

    When our own Church leaders are trying to do these things, then it is time the people stand up and do “battle.” This Church is not our Church. It is the Church Jesus came and died for. We owe Him so much more than what He is receiving. We have to be His voice.

    Catholics to me are the quietest bunch of people I have ever seen. For instance take these post I am doing now. I get a lot of “reads” on them, very few “words.” I cannot understand it for the life of me??? Now if I wrote about how great everything was, and only happy things, those post receive everything. This is because no one wants to face some of the ugly truths of things in life.

    It is time we do “battle” for the Church. Jesus and all the Saints lived and died for. Great post and it really made me think. God Bless, SR

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    • Well Said! I new this post wouldn’t be as popular as some of my other more happy ones, but I new if I got at least one person to think about what I said, he/she might spread to another person, so that countless people would take a stand for the Church. That’s kinda what #TheBeaconsAreLit is for. Anyway, thanks a lot. God Bless!

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