When You’re Done with Everything

Today, I’ll be honest, was horrible.  It started out good enough.  I slept in until about 8:00, and went to the 9 am Mass.  After that, I went to the library to get some movies.  My mom told me that I might not be allowed to watch some of them.  I was pretty tired, and that kind of got me annoyed.  Then we had to go to a couple more stops, which further irritated me.  When I finally got home, i locked myself up in my room and started to read a book.  That’s when my mom told me I had to go to the pool (which I really didn’t want to do).  After that she said, “you also have a dentist appointment Thursday, and you have to get a haircut this weekend (Gretclips always messes it up).  Oh, and you have band rehearsal tonight”.  It was like the 4 worst things in a row.  I was very angry.  Then my brother came into the room and said, “Why are you angry.  Huh?  Just tell me why you’re annoyed.”  It lasted for like ten minutes.  I finally escaped and ate lunch.  When I came back upstairs, I was checking what time band was tonight, when I got a notification from wordpress.  It was a post from The Honan Chapel Newsletter.  It was a video from a father whose 5-year old daughter is battling cancer.   

I realized that my life is pretty awesome.  I have to go to the dentist and that means I have teeth to get checked out.  I have to get a haircut and that means I’m not bald.  I have to go to the pool which means I have a pool to go to.  I have to go to marching band which means I’m healthy enough to do it (that’s saying a lot).

My life is great, just like most people’s.  But sadly, most people don’t realize it because their heads are always down to their phones.  Enjoy your life that God gave you, you only have one.

In Christ, Catholic2theMax

PS.  If you’re having a bad day, imagine a t-rex trying to make a bed.  If that doesn’t work, go to catholicmemes.com, that should do the trick.


6 thoughts on “When You’re Done with Everything

  1. It is kind of like me the other day with “turning on my faucet.” When I get in the same “mood” you were in, I go and turn on my faucet, and become extremely grateful at that moment, that I have water!

    When we were kids my Daddy always used to say whenever we got mad, “You got the same shoes to get glad in!” That is about as much sympathy as we ever got from him. I realize now, he knew we were fed, clothed, and that he and Mom were there for us, and his kids were okay. “Wollering” in it, he just did not allow.

    This was a great post! You always put a smile on my face! God Bless, SR

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  2. I hate it when someone “one-ups” me. I share the “woe-is-me story” and I am interrupted by the words, “You think that is bad? Here is what happened to me…” Then I offer her the response I wanted to hear, “Wow, that sounds rough. What did you do next?” The person I am talking to gets what she wanted out of the conversation, so that person has learned to share more with me in the future. Meanwhile, my appreciation tank runs on empty. I know it is “first-world-problems” but it still hurts. It is comforting to know that God knows my frustrations, my hurts, my annoying trials. Jesus went to the cross, even for my pouty little tantrums. God loves me even when it isn’t convenient, so maybe I can allow God to love me so much that it can overflow to everyone around me…even her….

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