Happy Birthday Catholic Teen!

Today marks the one-month anniversary of Catholic Teen!  Yay!  It’s hard to believe that it all started just a little while ago, just one month!  What a ride this has been.  So, as a birthday present to Catholic Teen, I’m going to do a “Month in Review”.  I’ll give you the top 5 posts, my top 5 favorite blogs, and some news about Catholic Teen.  Ready?  Here we go!

Top 5 Posts (In no particular order)

1. Behold, I Stand at the Door and Knock

2. On Confession

3. 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit

4. In the First Ever Apostolic Draft, the 11 Have Chosen…

5. Some People

It was really hard to decide between the last one and On Holiness.  If I had to pick my favorite out of all of these, it would probably be #1 or #4.

My 5 Favorite Blogs

1. NotoftheNorm – these guys are amazing.  I mean, I just don’t see how they jam all their wisdom into their heads!

2. Living the Reality of Jesus – I check the WordPress reader like every ten minutes to see if there is a new post fom this site.  It’s just that awesome.

3. Daily Theology – Great blog full of wisdom and compassion

4. That Catholic – Newer blog, but full of good advice with even better humor thrown into the mix to keep you reading.

5. How could I call this a top 5 if I didn’t include Fr. Z’s Blog! – if anyone needs an explanation…


Catholic Teen News

  • If you haven’t already noticed, I have changed the theme of Catholic Teen to make it more mobile friendly.  Opinions on appearance would be welcome in the comments section.
  • I added a new feature to my blog.  On the top menu next to “About Catholic Teen”, there is a button labeled “Ask Me to Write About a Topic”.  There you can fill out a form with request for a topic as implied from the title, or any other request you may have (guest blogging opportunities on Catholic Teen, Having me guest blog on yours, etc.).
  • If you enjoy Catholic Teen, please take part in this poll so that you may help me improve this blog.

Thank you guys so much for such an awesome month!  I hope you guys all have a great day.  Remember, Jesus loves you, and don’t forget it!  God Bless!


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Catholic Teen!

  1. Happy Birthday to you and will be reading all the post you mentioned, if I have not already! On the other hand, YOU ARE JUST TOO DAT-GUM SWEET KIDDO!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the blog mention. That being said, “I look daily for yours also!” May not have time to reply at the moment but will always return.

    You have been nothing but a blessing to my life and I thank God for you and your wisdom! Love ya and God Bless, SR

    Liked by 1 person

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