Manny Pacquiao Speaks about finding God

Amazing Story of how to be a part of modern day society a remain a strong Catholic!


He grew up poor in the Philippines and went to work at an early age to support his mother after his parents separated. At 14 he began to fight, rising through the ranks to win 10 world titles. But the current WBO welterweight champion’s bold profession of faith in Jesus Christ is what sets him apart.

“God has a purpose,” he told Fox News. “He brought me back into His kingdom to use me to glorify His name, to let people know there is God who can raise the people from nothing to something.”

Surprisingly, he and noted quarterback Tim Tebow grew up in the same town on the island of Mindanao, in the southern Philippines.

Dec 8, 2012; Las Vegas, Nevada; “Manny and Juan Manuel Marquez box during their welterweight bout at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.” Credit: Joe Camporeale—USA TODAY Sports

Raised Roman Catholic, Manny strayed from…

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