The Mission

You have a mission, a special task that only you can complete.  This adventure has been given to you by God himself.  You have been commissioned by the king to complete a quest, whatever it may be.  It wouldn’t be too good of an idea to upset the king.  It says in Jeremiah 1:4:

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,

before you were born I dedicated you,

a prophet to the nations I appointed you

Even before God made Jeremiah, he had a specific task for him to complete, his vocation.  A vocation is a calling, coming from the latin word voces, meaning to call.  That’s great and all, but a calling to do what?  Well…its complicated.  Like I said earlier, only you can complete your mission.  How much would it stink to be a knight in shining armor and miss or opportunity to slay the dragon, or to be a famous actor and sleep through your premiere?  You have to be listening for the call.  And I don’t mean the “Yes, Mrs. Brown, I’m listening to the English Lecture” listening.  I mean the attentive and focused concentration on a subject, in quiet.  Modern day life is not suited for this.  In a day and age of technology and video games, its hard to make time to discern one’s vocation, or pray at all for that matter.  If you’re wondering why God hasn’t given you your mission yet, it’s probably because you haven’t asked him yet!  Start with the Bible, a letter from God to you.  I often find Lectio Divina a helpful tool in the process.  One of the biggest things you can do is to start-up a Mental Prayer routine.  Mental prayer is just a very ordinary conversation with Our Lord.  Talk to Him about your day, whatever you want.  Just make sure you pray about your vocation often.  The last step is to find God in others.  That’s a pretty tall order.  It doesn’t mean it has to be big or time-consuming.  Maybe it might be to smile more, or to say hi to a few people you don’t know.  Our Lord works in very curious ways.

One thing that is extremely important to remember is that to let God into your life, you must first take you out first.  Imagine this:  Your soul is a large cardboard box filled with wooden blocks.  Each blog has a label.  A large block might say “school”, or “sports”.  A lot of the larger blocks might have tags concerning your ego.  All of this has nearly filled the box to the top, with only a couple of inches to go.  Lets say now that you want to get some God blocks into your soul box.  Well…you might be able to fit Sunday Mass in there, but not much else.  But let’s say you want more, you want to know what your mission is.  There isn’t much room, is there?  You have to take some out first, don’t ya?  You must decrease, so that God may increase.

Bottom line: Pray about it, and often.  Incorporate it into your daily pray routine.  Say a rosary every Sunday, asking Our Lady to help you discern your vocation.  Because if you don’t fulfill the mission, no one will.  God Bless.


3 thoughts on “The Mission

  1. Well written! I wish more would understand that a vocation is not a “career” we choose, but a following of God’s plan for us. That plan can change within a vocation over time. People should understand that we know it’s important to have an outline strategy of our own so that we don’t drift about aimlessly. But, as you said, ultimately we must make room for God because it’s not about what we want for ourselves, but what He wants for us! — Tony


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